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Picture of the storm that hit Fresno, CA on 3/11/2016 at about 4:00pm.
Taken looking North from Hwy 41 and Mt View Ave.

This page is primarily used for testing purposes. No real information of value is stored here at this time,
although that may change in the future, if I find anything worth using the page for.
Testing both the web technology and the connection/update/syncing system.
Currently this page should be responsive to screen size and resizing of windows, while testing the W3 framework.

More data will be added and updated in the near future.
Including links of interest.
Eventually some programming examples as well.

This page is built with a mix of systems. PHP, Javascript, HTML5, Bootstrap.css, Animate.

Other pages can be programmed by request,
with various features and amounts of automation.

 Geolocation Test Page